FOR SALE: 1999 Mercury Cougar -180K+ Miles [Best Offer] (Raleigh)

$0.00 by Book_of_John in virginia beach, Sep 04
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FOR SALE: 1999 Mercury Cougar -180K+ Miles [Best Offer] (Raleigh) in Cary
FOR SALE: 1999 Mercury Cougar -180K+ Miles [Best Offer] (Raleigh) in Cary
FOR SALE: 1999 Mercury Cougar -180K+ Miles [Best Offer] (Raleigh) in Cary
FOR SALE: 1999 Mercury Cougar -180K+ Miles [Best Offer] (Raleigh) in Cary

Craigslist link(with more pictures):

Make: 1999
Model: Mercury
Year: Cougar
Miles: 180K
Color: Blue
Transmission: Automatic
Upholstery: Not Leather

Description: Please make me an offer. (NOTE: KBB Private Party Range estimated at: $551.00 - $1,524.00)

-I am tired of always having to fix something. In 2018 alone, I spent well over $600 in parts fixing the power steering pump; Air Compressor; Sway bar/bushings; piping for the antifreeze; and radiator.

This would be ideal for a parts car, but if you intend to drive this vehicle, you will want to live in one of the counties that no longer requires emissions inspections.

Clean title in hand (NOT S@lv@g3)
It can be driven
Non-Smoker - car or person
Heat and A/C works good
Upgraded Pioneer CD Player
Alarm system works
All the lights work
2 coded keys, plus a spare non-coded key that I had made, for when I locked myself out

Transmission slips - It's like it goes straight from 1st to 3rd gear, and skips 2nd and 4th gear
Check Engine light is on - Sometimes it will misfire, which could be the spark plug wires, since I have not replaced those
Slow oil leak - I put 20w 50 oil in it, which slows the leak further
Slow Power Steering leak - I just keep an extra bottle handy, check it every couple of weeks, and top it off when needed
Driver side window does not go down - I have pulled off the covering, adjusted the wires there, and it will work for a little while after that, so I know it is not the motor
Moon Roof Motor does not work - Was like that when I bought it and I never fixed it
No Spare tire/doughnut - donated it, because the silly thing had a hole in it the one time I needed to use it
Control arms need to be replaced, but you can forget about that, because I think they estimated it at a 13 hour job, and none of the mechanics would touch it

The hood is dented/bent, from where I hit a deer a couple years back, but it will latch and unlatch okay
Spots on Hood, Roof, and spoiler/trunk where clear-coat and paint has worn away
Various dings and dents from where other "courteous" people, have flung their doors open

A/C Compressor and Condenser
Alternator, multiple times, but I think it might have just been coming unplugged
Solenoid Pack
Gas Cap - with key
Piping for the antifreeze, because it had a leak, which it does not have anymore
Driver side mirror and housing, from a side-swipe
Spark Plugs, multiple times, but NOT the wires
ERG Sensor
All 4 oxygen sensors, both upstream and down, multiple times
Speed Sensor
Lights, fog and regular
Light switch mechanism and housing
Signal light switch
Power steering pump
Sway bar and bushings
Ball joint and hub, I believe on the passenger side, but I cannot remember
Radiator cooling plate
Tires maybe a year ago
I feel like I am leaving some thing off, but since so many things have been fixed, it is hard to keep track.

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